Problem Solving

Innovations – Problems Solved – Value Added

Grotech Production Ltd is committed to contribute added value through problem solving
and innovation from the beginning of a relationship with a client. We can:

  • Undertake a managed formulation or product development project based on an agreed and budgeted brief.
  • Recommend and source materials or packaging from a wide range of reliable suppliers to meet the required performance requirements.
  • Solve product performance or marketing problems using our 35 years of experience of blending and packing technology.
  • Undertake exploratory blending and packing trials, often at a nominal price.
  • Special box and display design – we work with an experienced and capable manufacturer who can also arrange for UN certification if required.

Gloopy Liquids

runny-liquid-1   runny-liquid-2   gloopy-liquid-1   gloopy-liquid-2

Problem – Make a strong salt solution appear more ‘gloopy’ – the overseas customer associated the thicker product appearance with strength and effectiveness.
Solution – An extensive programme of tests with a range of materials to find a viscosity modifier that would be effective in a highly ionic solution.   This resulted in a suitably ‘gloopy’ product that mixed and diluted easily.

Bucket trays

bucket-stacking    bucket-trays

Problem – Filled and palletised stacks of pails were being squeezed together during transport so that their lids were lifted and damp air allowed to affect the powder inside.
Solution – Development of a bucket tray which keeps the pails rigidly apart even when squeezed during pallet wrapping and transport.

Non Stick Coating

shredded-rubber-1   shredded-rubber-2

Problem – Shredded rubber blended with a pigment coating was matting together like a rubber shred pillow, due to the coating taking an extended time to cure.
Solution – The addition of a small percentage of suitable anti-stick powder.

Red & Yellow Mixed Granules

mixed-granules-1    mixed-granules-2

Problem – A pesticide product reformulated as a mixture of vivid yellow and red granules for an export market needed suitable dyes.
Solution – extensive testing to find suitable dyes that would be both vivid and not fade or merge.

Preservative Addition

Problem – Blending of a plant growth stimulant formulation in a ‘ready to use’ retail pack raised concerns that the formulation was vulnerable to microbiological attack, fermentation and ‘blown’ packaging.
Solution – The addition of a suitable preservative, which will not change the effectiveness of the end product.  Over 10,000 litres of product have since been blended and packed with no ‘blown’ packaging.

Stable Dye Selection

Problem – A liquid product blended with a coloured dye faded over time, so a substitute dye was required.
Solution – After a variety of tests we sourced a UV stable dye and a preservative to prevent microbiological degradation which further kept the colour true.

Packaging Problems Solved –
  • A stackable bottle with an aluminium seal was required with enough space under the cap to hold a gelatine enzyme capsule.  A suitable bottle, seal and cap were sourced.
  • A plastic sack was sourced that was sufficiently moisture proof to meet a US military specification.
  • A bag suitable for packing a 500g sand based organophosphate insecticide for an export market was required.  A gold gusseted pouch with an impressively opulent look was sourced which enhanced the client’s reputation and the perceived value of the product.