Blending & Packing

LIQUIDS – Contract Blending
100 litre – 5000 litre batch size blending.
Aqueous and oil based formulations.
Solutions or suspensions.

LIQUIDS – Contract Packing
Container sizes from 50ml up to bulk tanker.
Capping, induction sealing, ink jet coding, ‘patch’ and ‘wraparound’ labelling, shrink wrapping, carton tapers and pallet wrapping.

SOLIDS – Contract Blending

50kg – 1500kg batch size powder blending.
Input from kegs, sacks or FIBCs.
Liquids can be added if required.
Impregnated or coated granules.

SOLIDS – Contract Packing

50g – 1000kg powder packing sizes available.
We can pack the following containers – kegs, drums, sacks, laminate block bottom bags jars, buckets etc.