Analytical Services

Increasingly, in these days of stricter regulations and tighter quality control, customers want proof and the peace of mind that products they use meet the required standards.

With this in mind, our analytical service is able to provide Certificates of Analysis (CofAs) or Certificates of Conformity (CofCs) for your products. We can provide these to meet your specific needs, performing tests at your request or on our recommendations.

Some of our Analytical Service Capabilities include:

  • pH
  • Density/Specific Gravity
  • Viscoscity
  • Dissolution
  • Foam Testing
  • Suspensibility
  • Flowability
  • Particle Sizing
  • Tank Mix Compatability
  • Surface Tension
  • Microscopy
  • FT-NIR
  • Many others on request via our extensive network of associate laboratories.