Grotech Named Rising Star at Renewable Awards

CONTRACT manufacturer Grotech Production Ltd has been named Rising Star at the Humber Renewables Award for its commitment to promoting sustainability across its business.

The Goole based agriculture and horticulture specialist was recognised at the annual awards for the way it had developed and embedded processes and procedures which supported its customers to provide sustainable products for consumers.

Managing Director Martin Usher and Production Manager Mark Shipley, being presented with the award by Helen Smith from Arco – the award sponsor

The award comes just weeks after Grotech Production Ltd became the first contract manufacturer in its sector to achieve Soil Association accreditation which highlighted the company’s internal and external audit trail and the way it developed formulations and sourced raw materials for customers’ end products.

While having a strong heritage of horticulture and agriculture manufacturing Grotech Production Ltd has its own powder cleaning formulations, Freshclean and Superkleen, popular with facilities management companies because of its compact packaging and effectiveness on diverse surfaces. The company has also successfully worked with auto companies on performance boosting formulations and high street chains on proprietary household goods ranges.

Specialising in start ups and end of ranges and offering confidentiality to all customers Grotech Production Ltd has the capacity from its East Yorkshire factory to produce non hygiene formulations from the development stage to on shelf.

MD, Martin Usher collected the award from sponsors Arco. He said: “We are delighted that the many small steps that we take towards improving the sustainability of everything that we do and the Agriculture sector that we serve have been recognised.

“We will continue to strive to support all of our customers with design and manufacturing innovation wherever we can.”

To find out how we can put our award winning skills to use with your business, contact us or call 01405 761746.